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Strategic Investments desires to acquire high-quality, well established middle market companies which have demonstrated profitable growth and consistent cash flow.  These companies should be guided by competent management with broad and deep experience in the industry or markets they address. Ideally, they currently are - or are capable of becoming - leaders in their chosen markets.  We will selectively consider the acquisition of related product lines or operations where continuity of management may not be available.

Strategic Investments seeks to acquire companies meeting the following general guidelines:

Medium size: $10 to $200 million in sales and up to $100 million purchase price
A private company or a divestiture candidate of a conglomerate
A proven management team enthusiastic to participate in the buyout
Reasonable growth potential from a historic base of predictable earnings and cash generation
Low to moderate technological change in the industry
A unique or proprietary competitive position
Diverse and well-established products, markets and customers
Primary location and orientation in the continental United States
A relatively unleveraged balance sheet
Turnarounds will be considered

One area of particular interest and expertise for Strategic Investments is recapitalizations. Owners of closely-held or family businesses often desire liquidity for diversification and/or estate planning while remaining in operating control of their company. Strategic Investments will arrange a recapitalization to provide liquidity while preserving the owner's operational autonomy. We understand the seemingly conflicting objectives of liquidity versus operating control and have helped many entrepreneurs achieve an ideal balance between them.

Strategic Investments is also particularly interested in acquisition opportunities in Western New York, Western Pennsylvania and Southern Ontario. Size considerations will be relaxed in these circumstances.

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