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Controls LLC

North America's leading manufacturer of industrial recording charts & markers, specialty printing & printing supplies

$50 million in sales

  • Sponsored management buyout to purchase the assets of this division of The Ludlow Company, LP, an affiliate of Tyco International.
  • Installed new benefit programs for the independent company.
  • Worked with numerous governmental agencies to obtain Empire Zone designation and retain benefits with IDA and utilities.
  • Expanding the specialty printing and inkjet segments of the business.

Carolina Skiff LLC

A builder of fiberglass boats for sportsmen and recreational boaters

$45 million in sales

  • Joined with a shareholder who was active in the operation to buy out the other owners.
  • Arranged the financing for an upcoming plant expansion that will double manufacturing capacity.
  • Introducing additional boat models and dealers under the Carolina Skiff® and Sea Chaser® brand names.

Fleischer's Bagels LLC

A baker of private label bagels and co-packer of fresh bagels for a
major brand

$23 million in sales

  • Purchased company's assets and real estate from two co-founders. Founders have retained key management positions and have 19% equity in the new entity.
  • Arranged a $6 million capital expenditure loan to fund a 50% expansion of production capacity.
  • Additional growth will be in two new market areas; food service and in-store bake.

AetonMedical LLC

Manufacturer of practical and innovative medical device and dental implant products.

·         Joined with experienced medical device professionals to design, manufacture and distribute dental implant products.

·         Obtained FDA approval, trademark and patent protected products to sell to industry professionals

·         Provided financing to scale the company to $100 million in sales.



Metro Door, Inc.

Manufacturing and servicing security enclosures throughout
the nation

$40 million in sales

  • Purchased stock from the company's founders and an ESOP.
  • One founder and additional key managers invested in the new entity.
  • Approximately 60% of revenue is comprehensive door, grille and glass service for national accounts and the balance are sales of manufactured security enclosure products.

EMC Technology

A manufacturer of microwave components for telecommunications and aerospace

$20 million in sales

  • As a manufacturer of both patented and commodity product lines, the company became a platform for acquisitions in the capital intensive technology sector.
  • The selling shareholders retained a 25% equity position in the new entity, while other key managers purchased an additional 10%.
  • Completed the construction and start-up of a new offshore manufacturing facility.
  • Actively pursued add-on acquisitions of related companies with access to new markets or proprietary technologies.

Housing, Inc.

One of the Southeast's leading producers of manufactured homes

$100 million in sales

  • Strategic Investment's ability to understand the changing dynamics of the cyclical housing industry allowed us to successfully close this transaction with the participation of key management.
  • Transitioned the company following the retirement of the Chief Executive Officer.
  • After a devastating fire destroyed one of the company's five plants, replaced the lost production capacity with a new state-of-the-art facility.

Hampton Printworks

A producer of
printed fabrics

$80 million in sales

  • Along with key members of management, purchased stock from the company's founders.
  • Two years after the acquisition, the textile market began to deteriorate significantly. A principal of Strategic Investments stepped in as CEO.
  • Through a program of capital improvements, cost reductions, and expansion into the home furnishings market, the company was returned to profitability.
  • Identified and sold the business to a strategic acquirer. After a successful transition, the business is continuing to grow.

Microporous Products, Inc.

A manufacturer of
rubber separators for
lead-acid batteries

$20 million in sales

  • Purchased stock from management and a major investor, with key managers reinvesting in the new entity.
  • Implemented a succession plan to designate and promote the vice-president of sales and marketing to President.
  • Within two years grew earnings from $3.5 million to over $5.0 million, a greater than 40% increase.

Technicarbon Company

A manufacturer of
specialty carbon papers

$30 million in sales

  • Purchased a multi-state, five plant manufacturing operation from family interests, with one family member remaining as Chief Executive Officer and major shareholder.
  • Implemented a profit-based incentive compensation plan for key management.
  • Doubled earnings within three years through improvements in sourcing, production, and marketing efficiencies.

Quality Foods Company

A specialty meat processor

$48 million in sales

  • Innovative deal structuring permitted the purchase of stock from sellers in a unique partnership format.
  • Selling shareholders retired; an experienced industry executive was brought in to mentor the son of the founders, who became President.
  • Invested $15 million to purchase and equip a new manufacturing facility and capital expansion. Over the next four years, grew sales to $90 million and increased EBIT fourfold.
  • Completed the add-on acquisition of a smaller company with access to new markets.

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